Scavenger Hunt – April 2021

Bob Bullock – Columbine

Anyone up for a…scavenger hunt?

As a result of this nasty pandemic thing, MONEP meetings have been relegated to Zoom sessions, and we’ve been unable to plan any club organized Field Trips. And though it appears there is light at the end of that tunnel, it may yet be some time before we’re able to engage in such activities.

As an alternative, we’re going to offer a Scavenger Hunt as something of a group activity, but done individually as opposed to gathering as a group.

For this first adventure, we’re going to make things rather easy and use ‘Wild Bloomers’ as the theme. Basically, anything that can be found blooming ‘in the wild’ is good to go. Wildflowers, trees in bloom, you name it…if it can be found blooming in the wild, let’s see those images. With spring upon us, there should be oodles of opportunities for everyone who chooses to participate to do so. All we ask is that no typical ‘garden flowers’ be submitted…i.e., no tulips, petunias, daylilies, etc.

This is not a contest. No prizes will be awarded. It’s simply a means of participating in something of a group activity and showing off the terrific images MONEP members are capable of capturing.

We will create a gallery on the new MONEP web site to display whatever submissions we receive. (What?!?! You didn’t know the club’s site has undergone a facelift?!?! Check it out @

All submissions arriving in the month of April will be included in the gallery. Please limit your total submissions to 3. No particular due date. The gallery described above will be created after the first submission is received and subsequent submissions will be added as time permits. The only significant date is April 30. Please send all submissions by that date.

Please use the same image resizing and file naming guidelines used for ‘Show & Share’ submissions* (see below) for this event as well…***with one difference***. Please name your image files…

‘LastName-FirstName-Scavenger-202104-Dogwood’ (Obviously, you should replace ‘dogwood’ with something relevant to your image).

Please send all submissions to…

Should this prove to be a popular activity, we are hoping to make this a monthly activity for the foreseeable future!


 *To submit images for the Scavenger Hunt:

  • Name your images using your last name then first name, Scavenger and the year and month of submission as well as the subject. For example, ‘LastName-FirstName-Scavenger-202104-Dogwood’ (or whatever your subject or title is). In addition, do not leave any spaces within the file name. You can use the dash to delineate breaks.
  • Save your images as .jpg files. Your saved images should be less than 4 MB in size.
  • Compress your 3 resized images into a zip file.
  • Attach the zip file to an email addressed to anytime between now and midnight, April 30th.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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