Monthly Meeting September 2021

MONEP Meeting: Tuesday, September 21stTime: 6:30 p.m. for sign in, 6:45 Program beginsLocation: Powder Valley Nature CenterSpeaker: Jane PalmerTopic: Techniques for Capturing Wildlife ImagesMONEP member, Jane Palmer, will be back…

Monthly Meeting – August 2021

Date: Tuesday, August 17th, 2021Time: 6:30 pm (Central)Location: Powder Valley Nature CenterSpeaker: Aileen AbbottTopic: All About Eagles Join us at the August 17th meeting for All About Eagles, with Aileen…

Monthly Meeting: June 2021

Date: Tuesday, June 15th, 2021
Time: 7:00 pm (Central)
Speaker: Joe and Mary McDonald
Topic: The World of Macro

Aphids and tending ants for honeydew, on plants, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania, United States

Still no travel due to Covid-19? No problem! There is an entire world of different images right in your backyard or local park.  Join us as renowned photographers, Mary and Joe McDonald present on The World of Macro: Look high and low. Look Far and Near. There are images right in front of you.

Flowers, insects, mushrooms, and more are right in front of you if you know where to look and how to photograph what you find. We’ll talk about different techniques for capturing macro subjects from set-ups to flash, softboxes to in-field shooting. You will never be bored again as we hopefully open up a new, challenging, and fun world to photograph.

Joe has been a full-time professional wildlife photographer since 1983, but his career began while he was in high school when he sold images to the National Wildlife Federation. He is the author of more than 15 books on photography and natural history and is a frequent columnist for several print and electronic magazines. Mary began her career after taking a workshop Joe was leading in the Everglades, and together they have been leading photo tours and safaris around the world since 1989, sometimes traveling for over 32 weeks in a year. They have a special interest in the wild big cats, and have seen all 7 of the world’s big cats in one year four different times. Both Mary and Joe enjoy teaching, and regularly conduct workshops and give lectures and seminars on photography across the US, and have been active mentors during NANPA’s annual conference for the High School and College students.

NOTE: There will be a password to enter the Zoom meeting on June 15th. It will be sent with the invitation and Zoom link, to MONEP Members a week prior to the meeting.


Monthly Meeting: May 2021

Date: May 18th, 2021
Time: 7:00pm (Central Time) via Zoom
Speaker: Alyce Bender
Topic: Impressionistic Photography: Using Creative In-Camera Techniques to Create Artistic Images

Note: All meetings will be conducted via the Zoom meeting tool until further notice.

Photographer Alyce Bender will lead us as we explore the world of Impressionistic Photography in her presentation Using Creative In-Camera Techniques to Create Artistic Images. She will cover a variety of topics including pre-visualizing scenes, selecting camera settings, in-field techniques, and a few tips on post processing these special images. She will give participants the basic tools to start experimenting on their own in the field to create unique images in popular shooting locations or with common backyard subjects.


Scavenger Hunt – May 2021

Butterfly Image
Christy Lonero – Butterfly

Our theme for May is…Butterflies in the Wild

Due to the COVID pandemic, we have not been able to hold MONEP field trips. Although it appears
that we are making progress in the fight against COVID, it may still be awhile before we are able to
engage in in-person group activities. As we did last month, we are offering the alternative of having
a Scavenger Hunt to encourage members to go out individually in search of specific photo subjects.

This is not a contest and there are no prizes. It is meant to engage members in the same activity and
to display the many wonderful and varied images we can capture of the same type of subject. We
will create a gallery on the MONEP website to display the submissions we receive. Members can
submit up to three (3) images of butterflies outdoors. All images we receive in the month of May
will be included in the gallery. You can submit your images throughout the month and the gallery
will be created as soon as we receive the first submission, and subsequent submissions will be
added along the way. The final date for submissions for this theme is May 31st.


MONEP May-June 2021 Newsletter

Click the image below to download your very own copy of the May/June 2021 edition of ‘CloseUp’…the MONEP newsletter.

MONEP Newsletter - May/Jun 2021
MONEP Newsletter – May/Jun 2021


Monthly Meeting: April 2021

Missouri Butterfly
Chris Hartley – Pearl Crescent

Date: Tuesday, April 20th via Zoom
Time: 7:00 PM
Presenter: Chris Hartley, the Butterfly House
Program: Missouri Native Butterflies

Learn how to identify the 25 most common butterflies in the St. Louis region from Chris Hartley, Entomologist and the Science Education Coordinator at the Butterfly House. Chris will cover field marks that are useful for ID in the field and discuss look-alike species.


Scavenger Hunt – April 2021

Bob Bullock – Columbine

Anyone up for a…scavenger hunt?

As a result of this nasty pandemic thing, MONEP meetings have been relegated to Zoom sessions, and we’ve been unable to plan any club organized Field Trips. And though it appears there is light at the end of that tunnel, it may yet be some time before we’re able to engage in such activities.

As an alternative, we’re going to offer a Scavenger Hunt as something of a group activity, but done individually as opposed to gathering as a group.


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