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2024 Memberships

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If you are looking to become a new member of MONEP, or…
If you are a current member looking to renew your membership, please review the information below.

Dues are $30 per person and $40 for a household of up to four. 

Annual renewals for current members should be received by February 28th each year.

If not already a MONEP member, you are invited to attend our next meeting and meet many interesting people who all have one thing in common…a dedication to learning about nature and nature photography.

There are 2 pieces required for both new members and those renewing existing memberships…
1. Fill out the membership form available below.
2. Submit payment
The options for each of the above 2 items are defined below.

Membership Form

The required membership form is available at the following link:

NEW!! MONEP 2024 Membership Form Download at the link

The options for submitting are as follows…

1. Print the form, fill it out, scan it, and then email the completed form to  MONEP Membership, Kathy Cherry at

2. Print it, fill it out, and ‘snail mail’ it to…
Kathy Cherry (MONEP Membership)
6056 Gettysburg Estates Dr.
St. Louis, Missouri 63129

Making Payment

There are 2 options for making payment of dues…

1. By check and snail mailed to the address of the MONEP Membership noted above.

2. Electronic payment online via PayPal.

If you choose to pay electronically via PayPal, please note the following…
– Select the appropriate option (Regular Membership or Family) from the ‘dropdown’ below.
– Fill in your email address (the one attached to your PayPal account)
– Click the ‘Pay Now’. You will be sent to the PayPal site to complete the transaction.

MONEP Membership Payment
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