Natural History Resources

Bug Guide
Bug Guide Online community of naturalists sharing observations of insects, spiders and related creatures. Good resource for insect ID.

All about Birds
All About Birds by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is a terrific resource for Bird ID and species life history information.

Merlin App
Identify the birds you see and hear with this app

Explore and share your observations with fellow naturalists

Sibley Bird Guides App
The Sibley Bird Guides (North America) App allows you to set the state or province you are in so you can see only the birds occurring in that region. See your favorite app store to purchase ($19.99) the version appropriate for your device.

Google Lens
Not sure what you are seeing in the natural world? Use Google Lens to identify plants and animals.

Picture This
A handy tool to help identify plants

Regional Resources

Missouri Mycological Society
The Missouri Mycological Society is focused on learning about mushrooms.

The Webster Groves Nature Study Society
The Webster Groves Nature Study Society (WGNSS) is a St. Louis Metro area society with an interest in natural history, particularly entomology, botany and ornithology.

Hummer Haven
MONEP member Margy Terpstra’s blog with images about attracting wildlife, particularly birds, to your backyard. A great resource for learning and identifying songbirds and some birds of prey.

Missouri Department of Conservation

Facebook Groups

  • Bird Identification Group of the World
  • Insects and Spiders of Missouri (and adjacent states)
  • Missouri Birders
  • Missouri Native Plant Society
  • Missouri Mycological Society
  • Snake Identification
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