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Nature Photography Sites

NANPA (North American Nature Photography Association)
NANPA promotes the art and science of nature photography as a medium of communication, nature appreciation, and environmental protection. NANPA provides information, education, inspiration, and opportunity for people interested in nature photography and fosters excellence and ethical conduct and especially encourages responsible photography in the wild.

From the ‘About’ page… “We offer more content in one place than any other website targeted to nature and outdoor photo enthusiasts. Since 2003, we’ve earned the respect of tens of thousands of photographers worldwide as one of the most comprehensive, friendly, and respected websites of its kind.”

Purchases and Printing

B&H Photo/Video is an online retail store well known in the photographic community. They do also have a ‘brick & mortar’ store in New York city if you happen to be ‘in da hood’.

Hunt’s Photo/Video
Hunt’s Photo/Video is another online retail store with several ‘brick & mortar’ options in the New England area.

Schillers is a St. Louis based camera store…the last privately owned shop in the metro area.

Bullivant Gallery as described on their site… “Bullivant Gallery, located in the Grand Center district of St. Louis, is much more than an art printing company. We are collaborators, working closely with artists, photographers, designers, galleries, and museums to create the most accurate and stunning prints and editions of their art. Bullivant Gallery also offers […]

Diversified Labs
Diversified Labs is a St Louis based professional photographic lab producing high quality albums, fine art, proofing, press printing, finishing services, metal printing and more!

Apps in the field

Photo Ephemeris
Photo Ephemeris…”helps you plan outdoor photography in natural light. It’s a map-based Sun, Moon, and Milky Way calculator. Plan your shot with perfect precision.”

PhotoPills is a photo-planning app with lots of location specific info on sunrise and set, moonrise, Milky Way locations, eclipses and more.

Apps for Image Editing

Adobe Creative Cloud is a subscription based service offering a variety of ‘graphics’ production apps. Of particular interest to photographers are the Photoshop & Lightroom apps dedicated to managing and editing photos.

Adobe Image Resizing (Free)
Adobe Image Resizing is a free service to resize images.

Topaz Labs
Topaz Labs offers a variety of ‘image editing’ apps…two of the more popular are ‘Sharpen AI’ and ‘Denoise AI’ that offer notable functionality for the purposes hinted at in their product names.

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