Monthly Meeting: May 2021

Date: May 18th, 2021
Time: 7:00pm (Central Time) via Zoom
Speaker: Alyce Bender
Topic: Impressionistic Photography: Using Creative In-Camera Techniques to Create Artistic Images

Note: All meetings will be conducted via the Zoom meeting tool until further notice.

Photographer Alyce Bender will lead us as we explore the world of Impressionistic Photography in her presentation Using Creative In-Camera Techniques to Create Artistic Images. She will cover a variety of topics including pre-visualizing scenes, selecting camera settings, in-field techniques, and a few tips on post processing these special images. She will give participants the basic tools to start experimenting on their own in the field to create unique images in popular shooting locations or with common backyard subjects.


MONEP May-June 2021 Newsletter

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MONEP Newsletter - May/Jun 2021
MONEP Newsletter – May/Jun 2021


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