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Pro Tile

This one retains the original aspect ratio of the thumbnails, but resizes them to fit into something of a ‘collage’ type arrangement.

Pro Slideshow

Exactly what the name indicates.

Pro Horizontal Filmstrip

Seems to be a variation of the Pro Slideshow option…with main diff being the inclusion of thumbnails below the slideshow.

Pro Thumbnail Grid

This one resizes all thumbnails to the same size/aspect ratio.

Pro Mosaic

Appears to be similar to Pro Tile style gallery at top…with the main diff being all images in the same row are all the same height.

Pro Image Browser

Could be useful. I especially like the inclusion of the current image’s caption above the image.


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Pro Sidescroll

This gallery style seems popular across the internet, but I’ve never been a big fan. No separation (border) between the images, and it seems frequently to sort of cut images partially off on one end or the other.

Pro Blog Style

Yuck. Don’t care for this one as it appears to be just a vertical thumbnail list.
Yuck #2. Added the ‘Watermark’ capability to this one and don’t think we’ll be able to use that as it only allows the same watermark to every image. Thus far, I can’t find a way to make that submitter specific.

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