Uploading Show & Share Images

The Show and Share portion of a meeting is where members share up to five of their images with those in attendance via digital projection.

Naming Convention: <name>-<yymm>-<n> where name is the name of the member submitting an image, yymm is the year and month of the meeting, and n is the sequence in which the images should be displayed.  For example if Joe Member wants to submit four images for the July 2013 meeting his files would be named as follows:







Please send your zipped image file to share@monep.org


Sizing: When sizing images, please use the same conventions used for the Holiday Show, which is 1,800 pixels on the longest side.

Resize an Image for submission (PhotoShop)

Resize an Image for submission (Lightroom export settings)




Timing: Images must be submitted by midnight the Saturday preceding the monthly meeting.

Submittal Guidelines

Tips For Midday Photos

Ten great ways to break the rule against middle-of-the-day photography recommended by past speaker Darrell Gulin.

•Come in Closer

•Take advantage of back-lighting

•Use fill-flash

•Watch for passing clouds

•Diffuse the light

•Work in the shadows

•Use reflectors

•Use reflections from canyon walls

•Take advantage of overcast days

•Use a polarizer

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